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Ban's Fun Diving Koh Tao

Dive Sites

Koh Tao

Dive Sites

Due to the abundance of marine life and the beautiful coral reefs surrounding Koh Tao, the island has become one of the major dive destinations in Thailand.

There are over 20 dive sites surrounding the Island and the water averages a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius with few or no currents.

The dive site depth ranges from 10 to 40 meters making scuba diving enjoyable for all levels of divers. While most dives have an average depth of 12-18 meters, some dive sites like Chumphon Pinnacle, Southwest Pinnacle and Sail Rock are perfect for deeper exploration.

A fantastic addition to the island’s dive options is the wreck of the HTMS Sattakut. Sunk in 2011 by the Royal Navy, it’s a 50m long warship that served in the U.S. navy during World War II. Some of the marine life you’ll have a chance to see on Koh Tao dive sites include: Boxfish, Banner Fish, a variety of Moray Eels, Scorpion Fish, Angel Fish, Clown Fish, Trigger Fish, Butterfly Fish, Sweet Lips, many different Groupers, Barracudas, and Turtles. There’s a good chance you’ll be lucky and see a whaleshark during your stay if you dive some of the deeper sites mentioned above.

Click here for detailed information about Koh Tao divesites

Ship wreck of the

HTMS Sattakut

Sunk in 2011 by the Royal Navy, it’s a 50m long warship that served in the U.S. navy during World War II.

Ban's Fun Diving Koh Tao

Dive Site Map

As you can see on the dive site map, Ban’s is perfectly located on the western beaches given us access to all the most popular sites. Just in front of the resort you will also find Ban’s artificial reef which is an ongoing project in partnership the Department of Coastal Marine Resources.

  1. Sairee Beach
  2. Sattakut Wreck
  3. Pee Wee Rock
  4. White Rock
  5. to Chumphon Pinnacle
  6. Twin Rocks
  7. Japanese Garden
  8. Green Rock
  9. Nang Yuan Pinnacle
  10. Mango Bay
  11. Cape Grachom Fai
  12. Hin Wong Pinnacle
  13. Laem Thian Pinnacle
  14. Tanote Bay
  15. Lang Khai Bay
  16. Ao Leuk Point
  17. Hin Ngam Bay
  18. Shark Island
  19. to Sail Rock
  20. Taa Cha Bay
  21. Taa Toh Rock
  22. to Samran Pinnacle
  23. to South West Pinnacle
  24. June Juea Beach
  25. Ship Wreck
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