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Internship Ban's Diving Resort Koh Tao Thailand
Internship Program

A natural extension of the MSDT Preparation course, this internship includes team teaching with our experienced senior instructors, many of who have certified over 1000 students and have years of experience behind them.


The Internship Program begins by first observing different senior instructors conduct their diving courses. This exposure to the different methods that instructors use to teach diving is invaluable. Once you receive your teaching status as an Open Water Scuba Instructor you then begin to teach more independently, with the senior instructor present to supervise.


A Senior Instructor assess you and provides you with tips and hints that will make your courses more fun and effective both for you and your students.

This program is valuable in terms of learning, and even more valuable in terms of employability. Since you will finish the Internship Program with at least 25 certifications, you have a head start at getting employment after the program. You are no longer an instructor who has "just" finished the IE, you have real life teaching experience. Once the Internship Program is completed candidates will have certified 10-15 Open Water Divers, 5-10 Advanced Open Water Divers, 5 Rescue Divers and 1 Divemaster along with a few Specialties.




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Our priority is to provide customers with quality dive education and training with safety being our highest priority.

Opened since 1993, Ban’s CDC Center is recognized as a leading dive center in the world and was recently awarded by PADI...

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