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TDI Full Cave
This course is the third stage of training in the series of TDI's cave diver development program.
Advanced cave diving planning, the practical execution of different types of cave systems and scenarios divers encounter are presented. This cave diving course is not intended to prepare divers for evaluating all facets of cave diving. The objective of this course is to expand and critique previous skills accomplished in the Cavern and Introductory Cave Diving programs. Emphasis is placed upon dive planning and skill perfection through actual cave penetration.

Qualifications of Graduates

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may engage in cave diving activites without direct supervision so long as the following limts are adhered to:

  • Penetration is limited to the one-third air rule
  • 40 M max depth
  • No gear removal in cave
  • Safety and decompression stops appropriate or necessary
  • Maintain a continuous guideline
  • Use of Proper Cave diving equipment


  • Be a minimum of eighteen
  • Have a minimum certification of TDI Introductory Cave Diver or equivalent

The Student must perform the following S-drill and skills during all dives:

  • Demonstrate adequate pre-dive planning
  • Equipment check and gear matching
  • Bubble check
  • Demonstrate specialized propulsion techniques in varying types of flow
  • Demonstrate proper buoyancy conntrol
  • Demonstrate proper body posture (trim)
  • Demonstrate proper stress analysis (detection and managment)

The student must perform the following in-water skills during cave dives:

  • Properly deploy a guideline
  • Properly use directional and non directional linemarkers
  • Properly follow a guideline with eyes open and closed
  • Air share with a buddy with eyes open, following the guideline
  • Air share with a buddy with lights off and eyes closed and use touch contact, following the guideline
  • Remove and replace mask while in contact with guideline
  • Demonstrate light / hand signals and touch contact
  • Conservation and awareness techniques
  • Referencing as back-up navigation
  • Demonstrate adequate anti-silting techniques
  • Simulate a primary light failure, and use back light to exit the cave
  • Demonstrate lost line and lost diver drills
  • Demonstrate the use of reels to perform jumps and gaps required in curcuits and traverses
  • to maintain a continuous guideline to open water.

Course Duration: 4 days/3 nigths


Price: 45,000 BAHT

(Includes all-inclusive 4 day trip to Khao Sok National Park and Song Hong, 8 course dives, 4 exploration dives and TDI fees)




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