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The entry level tec course...

  • Be a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or hold a qualifying certification from another organization)
  • Be a PADI Enriched Air Diver (or hold a qualifying certification from another organization)
  • Be a PADI Deep Diver (or have logged deep diving experience)
  • Have a minimum of 30 logged dives, of which at least
  • Have a medical form signed by your physician

Course Duration: 4 days


If you're interested in technical diving, but haven't yet met the prerequisites for the PADI Tec 50\Tec Deep Diver course or PADI Tec 45 course, you can consider enrolling in the PADI Tec 40 course.

It is the first subdivision of the full PADI Tec Deep Diver course and consists of the first four dives. This is the perfect entry point into the technical field of diving and provides a smooth transition from recreational diving. Upon completion you will be qualified to complete up to 10 minutes of non-accelerated decompression while breathing from one additional deco cylinder of up to EANx50. (Depth is limited to 40m). Remember since it’s part of the course, this experience will be credited toward your Tec 45, Tec 50 and or full Tec Deep.


Prices :
PADI Tec 40 20,000 Baht
PADI Tec Instructor 35,000 Baht
(qualified to teach Tec 40)




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As the second subcourse in the full PADI Tec Diver Course, Tec 45 course picks up and takes your training as a tec diver further and deeper. During this course you will make the transition from modified standard recreation dive gear to the basic tech equipment. You will learn the skills and equipment and planning procedures needed to dive to a maximum of 45 metres/145 feet...

More info about TEC45



The Tec 50 course completes your training as an entry-level tec diver, taking you past the limits of recreational diving. This qualification represents a high level of completency for a technical diver. The diver is qualified to use air/EANx/oxygen to make extended, accelerated decompression dives...

More info about TEC50

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