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Ban's Diving Community Project

Community Projects

Ban's diving

Community Projects

The Ban’s team have tried hard to create many environmental ‘small-step solutions’ within our resort and alongside our guests. However, the solutions needed to curb climate change and address many environmental issues are driven community action. This is why we actively participate in island-wide initiatives and broaden our conservation goals to influence the larger community. Bigger problems are solved when individual citizens work together with others.

Ban’s Ecological Action for Costal Health (B.E.A.C.H.) was created to promote conservation organically through education and community action. We are able to foster a modern and viable sense of environmental awareness and responsibility for our ocean planet, by changing the ecological perspectives of our students and patrons through our programs. Daily beach clean ups, conservation theory integrated in diver training, and dedicated ecology-themed presentations at the resort are a few of the regular programs run under B.E.A.C.H.

Koh Tao’s Mangroves and Beach Restoration Project are essential for shoreline protection from damaging storms, waves and floods. They also help to prevent erosion by stabilizing sediments with their tangled root systems and they aid in maintaining water quality by filtering pollutants. Ban’s Diving and our sister Resort Assava Divers has teamed up with the local government for a Mangrove Tree Planting and Mangrove Periwinkle Snail release program behind the facilities.

To further help the shoreline and support beach restoration in Sairee and Chalok Bay, we have removed concrete retaining walls and replaced them with natural bamboo barriers to collect organic deposits during tidal changes.

Ban’s is also very proud to help the community with the Mooring Line Installation Project, Coral Transplant Project and Reforestation Project. Whether we are able to help with volunteers, facilities for conferences, or educational support to the local governments, we are always keen to participate in island-wide programs. While our collective global pause has certainly allowed a little room for our ecosystems to repair and reset, we will remain active in our approach to help conserve both land and marine environments.

We encourage you to visit our resort on Koh Tao, Thailand soon. Remember when you get here to reduce your footprint on land by taking only photographs and underwater by leaving only bubbles!

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