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Marine Conservation

Ban's diving

Marine Conservation

Protecting our local and international marine environments is obviously essential to our business but it has much greater importance. Our oceans cover approximately 71% of the planet, which we have ironically named “Earth”.

Our oceans produce more than 50% of the oxygen we breathe due to phytoplankton (tiny marine plants) photosynthesizing beneath the surface. While our oceans absorb vast amounts of carbon dioxide (approximately 1/3 of what humans produce), they move heat around the globe regulating weather and climate. Importantly for us in Koh Tao, our oceans stimulate the local economy, they are used for transportation, and they provide a source of beauty for our divers.

At Ban’s Diving Resort, our marine-focused projects include: Artificial Reef Development; Coral Fragment Transplantation; Dive Against Debris; Adopt a Dive Site; Become a Torch Bearer.

Ban's Diving Marine Conservation

Located directly in front of our resort, and accessed by either boat or shore, the Ban’s Conservation Team has created an incredible Artificial Reef for scuba divers or freedivers to explore. While being very conscious of what we put underwater to create this reef, the development includes structure of various marine life such as jelly fish, turtles and the famous whale shark.

Your dive guide can take you on a tour of the underwater schoolhouse, show you the underwater forest or have you visit the buoyancy workshop structures. By creating the artificial reef, many species can create a new habitat, diver traffic is taken off the natural reef and metal frames become foundations for coral fragments.

In conjunction with the Department or Marine Conservation and Resources (DMCR), Ban’s is actively engaged in the Koh Tao Coral Transplant program. With the correct procedures, our trained eco team can collect living fragments of coral to transplant onto various natural or man-made substrate, giving the coral a better chance of survival. Coral growth and fragment health are monitored frequently by both the Ban’s diving instructor team and as well as the DMCR. We welcome you to participate in and learn more about these procedures when you next come to visit.

As a PADI Five Star Instructor Development Centre, we have aligned our environmental projects with those of PADI and their conservation partners. Together our actions make more impact and our common voice is heard by a wider audience. With this in mind, Ban’s Diving Resort regularly runs Dive Against Debris dives, welcoming all our guest to help with marine debris collection. In addition to removing unwanted debris from our waterways, we record the types of garbage gathered and report our findings to PADI AWARE. This data is then used to impact policy change at a global level. Most often these dives take place on our Adopted Dive Site, which we are committed to monitoring monthly. If you join us on these free expeditions, we will show you how to sign up to be a PADI Torch Bearer and become part of a worldwide-community of individuals who actively care about protecting our Oceans!

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