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Land Conservation

Ban's diving

Land Conservation

It is impossible to stay at Ban’s Diving Resort without noticing our investment into land conservation. In an effort to become a fully sustainable resort, the owners of Ban’s have made a considerable and continuous effort to live best practices with respect to our natural environment.

Beyond the noticeable beautiful landscaping, the resort is host to a vast water management system, recycling station, organic product workshop and a conservation education centre. We have an active farm and a considerable garden, which supply all our food and beverage outlets with fresh vegetables, fruits and eggs. Often the conservation projects we adopt at the resort are used as a model for our wider island community.

One of the most valuable commodities to an ‘islander’ is fresh water, which is why we have a complex water management system enjoyed by many on Koh Tao. To ensure our guests have an adequate supply of water and to support many other families/businesses, Ban’s has constructed a substantial mountainside reservoir.

Ban's Diving Land Conservation

Alongside the collection of rainwater, our wastewater and greywater is treated for use in the gardens. We are even able to produce biofuels from organic waste, which is eventually used for some of the processes in our recycling centre. Be assured when you visit us, no drop goes to waste, and you’ll have plenty of clean water for yourself.

We are proud to have created an in-house Conservation Education Centre “Pan Raak” that is used to host resort guest, school children and university groups. At this facility, we can demonstrate how we harness renewable energies, create eco-friendly detergents for our rooms, recycle our waste and repurpose various materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. The adjoining recycling station exhibits our procedures to managing paper, plastic, glass, and hazardous waste. Please feel free to help us with the daily beach and roadside clean up, then learn how to best deal with the unwanted rubbish you’ve collected.

Finally, Ban’s Diving Resort wouldn’t be complete without our garden and farm that provides guests with fresh, organic produce served up at our restaurants. Citrus, spinach, eggplant, morning glory, capsicum, mulberry, banana, papaya, lettuce, basil, mint, farm-eggs and so much more – delivered fresh to your table! We were so grateful for the yield from our crops that during the pandemic we were able to create up popup roadside stand called “Little Green Station”, where the community could pick up free food. Please ask us for a tour of these grounds during your visit to get the full picture of our land conservation efforts.

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