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Ban's Diving Koh Tao

Ban's Diving Resort


Meet Aman

Aman is currently on his MSDT Internship at Ban’s.


  1. What’s your Name and where are you from?
    Aman Sabherwal from Calcutta, India.
  2. What did you do in your previous life?
    I was a Hotelier previously working in 6 different countries, last assignment was in Singapore.
  3. When and where were your first dives?
    I did my Open Water at Larrys Dive in Bangkok in 2002, then dived with Nando at the same year here at Bans Diving Koh Tao. This was during my management internship at the JW Marriott Bangkok, while I was still in Hotel School in Switzerland.
  4. What was the moment that changed your direction in life and made you discover that you wanted to be a PADI Pro?
    There were times I would save money through the year to go diving, and I watched and observed the passion, generosity and love Dive Instructors had for the ocean.  I was once travelling to Koh Tao and assisted Poli Nahum on a course, that weekend I had no money, and out of the blue he bought me dinner at Ban’s, for helping with his students. That act of kindness, along with a trip to Sorsogon in the Philippines, seeing the Gentle Giant – Whale sharks in their natural environment breeding, made me realize I’d love to explore the ocean and teach people how to dive one day.  Taking my skills in Hospitality and merging them with exploring the oceans around the world, I decided to take the plunge and quit a cushy well paid job to follow my passion.
  5. What were the most challenging and most rewarding parts of your Pro course?
    When I first became a PADI DM and thereafter an Instructor, I realized the diving in South East Asia was great.  However, having to run around due to passport constraints were time and resource consuming.  When I got to India I realized the whole demographic was different and not everyone knew how to swim. Therefore teaching basic swimming and float lessons became a priority. Most of our days went doing DSDs, a course I had never done in my prior diving career. Then, once the visa work got sorted and I had more time to focus on my passion, I came to realize the look in a student’s eyes when they master a skill or when they see a bunch of beautiful fish, or when they overcome something as basic as going down a line, was priceless.  They overcame their fears and pursued things with 100% commitment.  This in itself has been rewarding for me.
  6. Do you have any other interests in diving?
    I am interested in Underwater photography, penetrating wrecks, and will definitely pursue Tec Diving in the future.  I want to dive the Blue Hole and I am absolutely fascinated by sharks and whales. I have a Travel Blog which I update internet permitting, called Travel & Beyond, which focuses on Dive sites, dive destinations, hole in the wall restaurants and Boutique Hotels all over the world.
  7. Has to be said……If you were a fish, which would you be?
    A Great White/ or a Whale Shark.

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